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This project was born from the friendship between Norberto Páez and Sebastián Bisole. These two agricultural engineers and winemakers started this adventure of creating their own wine inspired by ancient elaboration methods and driven by the passion and strength coming from their souls.

Norberto and Sebastian have been friends since they were 12 years old and they not only attended Liceo Agrícola Enológico, but they also went to Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias [Agricultural Science School] from Universidad de Cuyo together.

Different in their personalities but similar in their convictions, Norberto and Sebastián are the main characters and authors of this story since the combination of their capabilities gave rise to Paso a Paso.

Nowadays, the wine world is part of their landscape and their lives. They are able to intertwine their producer and winemaker vocations with the passion and strength they carry inside themselves.

The exciting world of winemaking witnesses their strong steps in this path. In 2010, the lively nature of a 72-years-old Bonarda grapevine located at El Cepillo, San Carlos pleasantly surprised them.
As soon as they found this place, Norberto and Sebastián decided to include Bonarda, apart from Malbec, in their project. This new varietal got a silver medal in the competition “Bonarda Argentina 2015” and it was the boost they needed to move forward and look for a winery where they could produce their own wines.

On March 14th, 2016, their wine took shape and identity. It was released on the market with its own brand and a production of about 3 thousand bottles of Malbec and Bonarda. From that moment, they started producing limited batches of high quality wines that depicted the freshness and energy of the new Argentine wine.



Everything started in the Experimental Winery of the Agricultural School of Universidad Nacional de Cuyo in 2007-2008 where Norberto and Sebastián started making tests for different wineries. At the same time, they started making their own research which gave rise to the current lines that they produce nowadays at the winery. This is the base of their philosophy R+D Research and Development always trying to innovate and elaborate high quality wines.
They started making experimental micro fermentations in 2008 and they registered themselves in INV (Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura) (National Viticulture Institute) in 2014 and started producing Bonarda and Malbec wine in a garage.
“We rented a neighbor’s garage in Godoy Cruz and decided to follow a particular methodology: we carried out the fermentation process in old barrels that we rebuilt; we had a 100% Malbec barrel, a 100% Bonarda barrel and a 50% Malbec and 50% Bonarda barrel. This production was about 700 bottles,” they remembered.
In 2015, they embarked on the adventure of creating their own wine and they found their inspiration for their project in the ancient processes. At that time, they were only producing two barrels: one of Malbec and the other of Bonarda which gave a production of 600 bottles. They decided to present their Bonarda with a simple label in the National Competition of Bonarda and they obtained a silver medal. This prize let them know that their project could do more and decided to do a bigger trial and create their own brand. Soon afterwards, they launched their wine in Mendoza with their own identity.
Nowadays, Norberto and Sebastián have a wide portfolio of different wines where 60% of their total production is intended to domestic market (Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and Mendoza) and the remaining 40% to foreign market where the main countries are United States, Denmark, Japan, France, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Uruguay and Peru.